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Fit your Excel sheet columns in one click!

​Are you puzzled how to fit the column width of your excel sheet columns that contain information that vary in their width? Very easy... Just select those columns at the column names (A, B, C etc). Go to the column seperators (at the top near the A or B or C or any of the included columns) and when a two-pointed arrow (pointing to the left and the right) appears, double click. Hey! your work is done.

You can also fit the width of even a single column using this "Autofit" feature.

Readymade Macro to display Keyboard Shortcuts in Word

Do you want a document that contains all the keyboard shortcuts available in Word?

There is a macro available in Word that will give you this document.
Go to the “View” tab and under Macros -> View Macros, search for ListCommands after choosing “Word commands” in the “Macros in:” dropdown box.

Run this macro. Choose “Current keyboard settings” radio button.
You will see the macro generating a complete document with all the keyboard shortcuts.
(N.B. Practice the shortcuts, at least a few at a time, so that you will become thorough with the shortcuts.)

Scroll Together Two Pages to Identify Changes

I was working with two documents that looked identical - the content and the formatting. But I wanted to make sure whether they are one and the same. Would Word 2010 help me do this easily?

Yes, there is help available!

I had both my documents open. Then,under the View tab, I clicked "View Side by Side". And I started scrolling. Both these documents started scrolling together in a synchronised fashion! Now, I was able to compare the documents.

This can also be used to verify whether two different parts of the two documents are identical or not. All I need to do is to switch off the "Synchronous scrolling" option close by the "View side by side" option in one document and then move to the specific portion of the document that needs to be compared. When the contents in both the windows look almost alike, I will switch on the "Synchronous scrolling" option. Now, both the documents scroll together.

We can do the same even if we want to check two different parts of the same document. It will still work.