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Create New Items in Outlook with Easily Rememberable Keyboard Shortcuts

​It is well know that while in Microsoft Outlook and when the current folder is Mails, you can create a New Mail using Ctrl+ N (This also holds good for other folders like Calendars, Contacts, Tasks andd Notes). But not many know that we can also create new items like Mails, Appointments, Meetings, Contacts and Tasks and from any folder we are in using very simple shortcuts. Here they are ...

New Mail​Ctrl + Shift + M
​New Appointment​Ctrl + Shift + A
​New Meeting reQuest​Ctrl + Shift + Q
​New Contact​Ctrl + Shift + C
​New TasK (Self assigned)Ctrl + Shift + K​
​New Distribution List (Contact Group)​Ctrl + Shift + L
​New Task ReqUest (Assign to someone else)​Ctrl + Alt + Shift + U
​New FaX (After signing up with a Fax Service provider)​Ctrl + Shift + X


Practise these a couple of times and then you will not have to switch folders to create the respective items anymore.