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The Smack of the “SMAC”:

To start with, I should ask, Is your Business model ready for disruption from digital transformation? No? Don’t be afraid! we’re here to help you! The four megatrends, Social, Mobile, Big Data (Analytics) and Cloud seems to have a clear positive Impact on today’s transforming world. Digital transformation is occurring rapidly at almost all sectors. These four technologies will not only boost efficiency and cut costs, it will help you craft new business models.

Social – The easy global reach:

You want to publish an ad and you select the medium as paper. What is the people response on it? How many like it? How many don’t? What are the suggestions from the end users? What are the expectations? Costs incurred? Manpower Incurred?

Lots of questions with no answers in hand! Think about Digital on Social Media – An ad can achieve a global reach in seconds. No significant Manpower required, No high investments, Immediate suggestions from customers.

You’ll have a wider scope of Improving things when you go on Digital rather than going through any other medium.

The key capabilities of Social media are:

·         Increased ability to effectively communicate with customers

·         Increased employee collaboration

·         Improved ability to provide customer service

Mobile has become a new norm:

The smartphone era is emerging like never before. A mobile has become the true face of digital. Behind the scenes, we must cope up with technology. The mobile has become the interface between your brand and your customer. So, one must leverage the mobile to the max to accelerate the digital transformation and also transform the customer experience you deliver.

So, to help increase productivity of your employees, give them the luxury of working from anywhere whereas keeping your company data secure. Make changes to your internal IT to provision a Bring Your Own Device Environment.

A Real estate agency, Foxtons wanted to enhance employee mobility by deploying smartphones that run the Windows Phone 8 operating system and two productivity-boosting apps. But Foxtons needed to be able to remotely manage and secure the devices. To deliver this solution, Foxtons subscribed to the Windows Intune PC and mobile device management solution. Employees now use their smartphones to conduct business from anywhere, furthering their reputation for fast, attentive service.

The key benefits of using mobile devices and the LOB applications of your company are:

·         Access to corporate data from anywhere

·         Increased Employee productivity

·         Increased employee collaboration


Collect - Analyse – Identify – Decide is a way which we follow unknowingly. And Yes, this is the key role to success anywhere.

Organizations today have the ability to process and analyse large quantities of structured & unstructured data to generate real time business insights. The amount of data that organizations have to analyse is set to increase exponentially.  

However, leading companies aren’t just integrating more data into their analysis, they’re also using the results to develop new products and services.

This is how most of the e-commerce sites will work. Their key to success is to have different dimensional data and generate results by using that.

The key benefits of using Analytics are:

·         Integrate more data into decision making processes

·         Ability to generate faster insights

·         Integrate desperate data sources into analysis


Only cloud has the ability to deliver flexible capacity as needed.

Companies need to be agile, flexible and fast to meet customer expectations. Cloud computing can be the key to that responsiveness. “We have customers who give us 90 days to get something up and running,” observes a user of the Cloud. “There’s no way I can do that in my traditional data centre.” The public cloud delivers a time-to-market advantage that’s hard for enterprises to beat. “We see a lot of traction with customers who have projects that have a short window of time to deliver results,” says the user.

Heavy initial investments and massive operational costs is something that IT is afraid of. With the agile built-in, flexible environment, cloud helps you avoid that.

The stunning capabilities of cloud which helps you move faster:

·         Flexibility: Ability to scale up & down on demand

·         Increased business agility: Ability to respond quickly to new opportunities

·         Lower costs / Pay as you go

Conclusion of SMAC:

While it is clear that each of the technology has a tremendous impact, it’s always good to deploy the integrated solutions to achieve the greatest impact.

Any successful running business will have the SMAC concept deployed.

For example, let’s take PayTm (My Favorite), an Indian payment & e-commerce company. How quickly it coped up with the demonetization effect. Started promoting (Social) the payments bank. While the Indians were facing severe currency issues (Analytics), PayTm made India “Go Cashless from mobile” (Mobility) anywhere. Scan and Pay with no minimum purchase amount barriers. It helped the merchants to do a smooth business and also the customers to go cashless. They use a flexible environment on demand (Cloud).

Get Ready to face Disruption! SMAC – Social, Mobility, Analytics & Cloud!