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A Video Streaming Portal for the Enterprise

Office 365 Video is an intranet website portal where people in an organization can post and view videos. It's a streaming video service for the organization that's available with SharePoint Online in Office 365. It's a great place to share videos of executive communications or recordings of classes, meetings, presentations, or training sessions.



  • Channel admins for Office 365 Video can create channels to organize videos.

  • Enterprises can have channels for particular subjects, for example, or for specific groups such as departments or teams

  • End users see only the channels that they have permission to view

Uploading videos

  • To upload a video, users upload it to a specific channel.

  • Users can upload multiple videos to a channel at the same time.

  • Anyone in the organization who has edit permission for a particular channel can upload videos to it

Watching a video

  • Users can watch videos from where they are featured on the Office 365 Video home page, and from specific channels.

  • When the user selects a video thumbnail, the video plays right in the browser window

Sharing videos with others

  • Embed an Office 365 video on the enterprise's site. Users can display the video on a SharePoint Online site or other website by adding the embed code for that video to the page where they want the video to appear.

  • Post to Yammer. Users can post to Yammer about a video while they're watching it, and the post will automatically include a link to the video that they're watching.

  • Send a link to a video in an email. To get a link for a video, the users select the video in Office 365 Video and then copy the URL from the browser address bar.

Discover spotlighted channels and videos

  • Admin can spotlight up to three channels and four videos on the home page.

  • Person with edit permission for a channel can spotlight up to five videos on the page for that channel.

Find the most popular videos

  • Users can see what videos are most popular for the entire organization, check the Trending section on the home page.

  • Users can see what videos are particularly popular in a certain channel, check the Trending section on that channel page.

Find videos that you've uploaded

  • Users can see what videos they've uploaded to a channel, select a channel, and then choose My Videos.

Search for a video

  • Users can search for a particular video by typing what they are searching for in the Search videos box.

  • Users can find videos that are in Office 365 Video by using SharePoint enterprise search.

Channel permissions

There are three types of channel permissions: owners, editors, and viewers. One must have owner permission to change permission settings.

  • Owners - has full control over a channel. They can manage the channel from the channel settings page, upload videos, delete videos, and delete the channel.

  • Editors - has edit permission for a channel. They can upload videos and delete videos. Then cannot manage the channel settings or delete the channel.

  • Viewers - can view all of the videos that are in the channel. By default, everyone in your organization has viewer permission for a channel when the channel is created.

Client Requirements for Video Streaming

Desktop Requirements



Playback Supported

IE 11

Windows 8.1


IE 11

Windows 7

Adobe Flash

IE 9 / 10


Adobe Flash

Chrome 37+

Windows / OSX



Windows / OSX

Adobe Flash

Safari 8

OSX Yosemite

Adobe Flash


Below OSX Yosemite

Adobe Flash


Mobile Requirements



Playback Supported

IE 11

Windows Phone 8.1



Android 4.4.4



iOS 6

Native HTML5

Scenarios where O365 Video comes in handy

  • On-demand Trainings.

  • Corporate Messages.

  • Community knowledge sharing.

  • Help & How to.