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Accelerate with Quick Steps - "Micro Macros" in Outlook

There are some activities we do time and again in Outlook which some times tend to become routine. This might involve 3 or four steps - Clicks of the mouse or use of the keys in the keyboard. There is a powerful tool in Outlook that can automate these clicks and keyboard inputs. It is the "Quick Steps" feature that is found right in the middle of the Outlook default ribbon.  

Quick Steps.png 
Quick Steps (2).png 


This Quick Step is lika a "micro macro" and can be created by the user for certain activities mentioned below. 
  • Filing
  • Changing status
  • Catogorizing, flagging and adding tasks
  • Responding
  • Creating Appointments
  • Actions relating to conversation views

You can also club more than just one activity and accomplish much more complex work that involves more clicks and keyboard inputs. For example, you can file the mail in a folder, mark it as important and then forward this mail as an attachment to another mail.

This is a great time saver and can be put to use innovatively to improve one's productivity.