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Admins, Give Only What Matters In O365 ProPlus

Depending on the software or services you have in place, many organizations want to disable certain components of the Office suite. The common ones are Access and InfoPath, sometimes the Exchange team in a company controls the version of Outlook on the desktop, an in-place communications system might make it difficult to use Lync, etc. In the traditional Office MSI packages, you could use the Office Customization Tool or a configuration file to control which apps your users received and now using the new Office Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run and May 2014 or newer builds of Office, you can do this now as well.

After downloading the Office Deployment Tool, you can edit the default configuration.xml file to exclude the apps you don't want using the "ExcludeApp ID" control. The naming conventions tend to follow the executable names closely or are slightly abbreviated in the case of names like MSACCESS vs. Access.

If you install an Office Click-to-Run build using the configuration.xml, it will install the entire suite minus Access, InfoPath and OneDrive for Business. You could use similar configuration files to install as few as one Office application as well. If you're wondering if the Office Deployment Tool will work to install other Office products in addition to Office 365 ProPlus, yes it works for all Click-to-Run versions of Office. The MSI versions are only available for Volume License versions of Office Professional Plus 2013 and Office Standard 2013, every other Office 2013 version uses Click-to-Run.