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Assign Offs for your staff scientifically!

If you are working in an organization that allows an off day during the week (apart from a Sunday which is a holiday, in most cases) and you want to assign offs for your staff, you might face a difficulty of choosing these off days for the staff if this assignment is done by you manually. There is also a complaint of favaouritism against you by the staff, some times. There is also the human tendency to repeat numbers in a certain sequence in such cases. As a result, you might also overload a day with many staff offs or underload a day with few staff offs. 

You can do a scientifical assignment of these offs using an excel function randbetween(). Here is how it is used...

RANDBETWEEN() function takes two arguments inside the brackets and then generates a random number.

If we assign 1 for Sunday, 2 for Monday and so on till Saturday is assigned 7, then we can make use of the random number generator.

We enter the names of staff in one column and place the function in the adjascent column. The formula in the cells would be =randbetween(1,8). You can place this formula in the cell at the top of the column that requires this Offs assignment information and then drag it till the last cell (or just a double click from the bottom right corner of the first cell). Now, all 2s stand for Monday off, 3s for Tuesday off and so on.