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Change Your Profile Picture in Office 365

‚ÄčIn the Lync main window, click your picture.

In My Picture options, under My picture, click Edit or Remove Picture.

Note: If the Edit or Remove Picture button is unavailable (grayed out) mke sure:

  • The Hide my picture option, above Edit or Remove Picture, is not selected.
  • You have the Office 365 service upgrade.

Important:   If you have the service upgrade and Show my picture is selected but the button is grayed out, the option to change your picture has been disabled at your company.

  1. On the Office 365 sign-in page that opens, type your Office 365 user name and/or password as needed, and click Sign in.
  2. Click Browse, and go the picture you want to use. Any size and resolution is fine.
  3. Click the file, and then click Save.