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Click right! Right Clicks in Word, Excel and Outlook

Microsoft Office programs are so packed full of right-click menus that you may never need to use the ribbon again. Give it a try. 

In a Microsoft Word table, right-click and you’ll be able to do all sorts of table formatting, directly from the shortcut menu. For example, you can insert and delete rows, columns, and cells, add borders and shading, and adjust the width of the table.
Screen shot of Word doc with shortcut menu
Microsoft Execl, you can format cells with a right-click. The exact commands you see on the menu depend on where you click in the spreadsheet. For example, you can easily filter or sort a list from a right-click.
Screen shot of Excel spreadsheet with shortcut menu
Microsoft Outlook also has lots of useful right-click menus. For instance, you can right-click the Inbox to create more folders in your folder list—an excellent way to organize and keep on top of your email messages.
Screen shot of Outlook tabs with shortcut menu