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Convert a Word List to a Table

Have you come across a situation where you had a list typed in a page in Word and wished that it could be neatly tucked inside a table? You don't have to redo this in a table again. You can convert this list to a table in just two clicks. Here is how...

Select the list and click the "Insert" tab. Click the Table tab. There is an option - "Convert text to table". You need to tell Word the number of Columns you need for the table and immediately, the whole text selection will be converted to a table with the specified number of Columns. You also can make use of the additional options in the dialogue box to help do this conversion powerfully just like the Text to column feature in Excel.

Thereafter, you can use the Table Design and Layout contextual tabs to format and modify the table.

This gives the list a professional format with the data arranged in a predictable location for easier presentation and reading.