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Cortana – Your PA on the Mobile Phone

Cortana is your personal assistant on your Windows Phone. Like any good personal assistant, Cortana is ready to help whenever you need it, and she has a wide repertoire of things she can do. She's there to make things easier for you and keep you up to date on the things that matter to you.


Here are just some of the things Cortana can help you with on your Windows Phone:

•Make calls, send texts and stay organised – Cortana can help you make calls and send texts, see what's on your calendar this weekend and add events to it, set alarms and take notes.

•Interests – Did your favourite team win or did they get crushed? Is your flight running late? Let Cortana know what you care about – she'll find related articles, posts and updates on the web and have them ready for you when you want them. Keep on top of news, entertainment, weather, health and more. Your interests can even give you a glance at your day or help you prepare for a trip.

•Remind me – Need a nudge? Cortana can remind you to do something at a specific time, in a particular place or when you talk to a certain person.

•Get where you want to go – Cortana will give you help with directions or even let you know if traffic's bad enough that you should leave early to make your next appointment.

•Quiet hours and inner circle – Cortana will make sure you don't get calls or texts when you don't want to be disturbed (except from the people you tell her to let through).

•Cortana's Notebook – Your interests, reminders, favourite places, the music you've searched for, your quiet hours and inner circle – Cortana's Notebook is where she keeps track of the things you tell her about you. It's also where you'll find settings and where you go to turn Cortana off. When Cortana is on, some of the data in her Notebook synchronises to the cloud, where other Bing-powered services and apps will use it. To learn more, see the Managing Interests and Personalisation settings section in the Bing Privacy Statement.

•Get out on the town – Cortana can fill you in on events near you, help you pick a restaurant or tell you what's happening next month in Sao Paulo.

•Check the weather – Check the forecast for today. Or tomorrow. Or the week. In Dubai.

•Talk to me – You can chat with Cortana about whatever's on your mind. Ask her questions that you might ask a new friend, or tell her how you're feeling – she has opinions and stories to share. She'll even tell you a joke.


You can use your voice to tell Cortana what you'd like to do, who to call, what to text and more. Or if you're somewhere you'd prefer to keep quiet, you can type your requests. Cortana will then refrain from answering you with her voice too.


•Cortana is only available on phones with Windows Phone 8.1, and in some countries/regions. Check to see which software version you have and find out if an update is available.

•Some features for Cortana may not be available in all countries or regions.

•If Cortana isn't available, or you don't want to use her, you can still use the Speech functionality on your phone.

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*Cortana is expected to be available on the iPhones and Android phones soon.