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Create better documents with Document Themes

​The Microsoft Office 2007 introduced an important new feature that makes it easier than ever to create the right look for your documents and to coordinate all of your Microsoft Office documents almost instantly.

A theme is a coordinated set of fonts, colors, and graphic effects that you can apply to your entire document with just a click. The same themes are available to your Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Excel workbooks, and even your Microsoft Outlook email messages, so it’s easy to create your own personal or business branding throughout all of your documents.


Three versions of the same page: It took just one click to apply a theme that changed the fonts, colors, and graphic effects for this page. Shown from left to right are Office (default), Couture, and Slipstream themes.
When you use a theme in your document, you automatically get fonts, color, and graphic effects that go together, and you can format text and graphics with just a few clicks, as you’ll see later in this article.
  • Find many built-in themes in the Themes gallery on the Page Layout tab, in the Themes group. Just point to options to preview that theme in your documents.
  • You can also mix and match theme colors, fonts, and effects to quickly create your own look. Select separate theme color, theme font, and theme effect sets from their respective galleries on the Page Layout tab 
Tip: If you change the theme in your document and nothing appears to change, you may not have created the document by using theme-ready formatting. When you start with a new Word 2010 or Word 2007 document, theme-ready formatting is automatic in built-in styles and Microsoft Office graphics such as SmartArt graphics, charts, and shapes.