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Create Powerful Keyboard Shortcuts The Easiest Way

We know that the Quick Access Toolbar provides us a means to create shortcuts for our favourite commands that we use very frequently. They save us time by allowing us to access them quickly instead of choosing the respective tab in which the command lies of open the dialogue box that has the respective command.

It is also the most powerful way of creating the alt key combination keyboard shortcuts. The order in which the QAT tools are chosen will determine the sequence of the Alt key combinations beginning with the number 1. The first command to be checked will become the Alt + 1 keyboard shortcut, the second command to be checked will become the Alt + 2 and so on. This way we can have 9 such Alt key combinations (and more with 09, 08 and so on) at our disposal. If you already have these commands checked in the QAT, it can be rearranged when you click the More Commands option.

It would be better if we have these Alt key combinations set uniformly throughout the office application suit by choosing the commands that are common across all these apps. This way, it sets a uniform environment for one to work in the New Office.

Again, a certain QAT set can be set for a certain File also instead of being made the default set for all files. This can be done when we click the More Commands option and choose the option from the Customize Quick Access Toolbar dropdown.

You can also export this customized QAT (and other Ribbon customizations) to a file and share it with others who find it difficult to grasp the concept or are new to the environment). This file can be imported by them and implement the customization in their Office applications.