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The VPN style connectivity using Microsoft ExpressRoute for O365

A Microsoft IT Case study

Until now, Microsoft IT had been using Internet-based connectivity to Office 365 public services, working with network transport providers and carefully selecting the regional locations of the tenancy to improve the network experience. The current phase in Office 365 connectivity involves shifting connectivity from a standard public Internet connection to private peering using Microsoft ExpressRoute for Office 365, the same technology used for Microsoft Azure. ExpressRoute provides Microsoft IT with private network connectivity that offers performance that is more predictable and guaranteed service availability.

A standard public Internet connection is an uncertain and unpredictable network path in which service quality depends on carriers, traffic, intermediaries, and proximity to cloud datacenters. With ExpressRoute, organizations contract with a Microsoft partner who is a network service provider or an Exchange provider. (Tata Communications in India is now providing ExpressRoute from Amsterdam, Chennai+, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai+ and Singapore). These companies provide connectivity into the Microsoft network, which connects all Microsoft datacenters, offering predictable performance, data privacy, and guaranteed service availability.

The figure below illustrates using ExpressRoute with Office 365 and the corporate intranet.


Key takeaway

Using private network connections with Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365 is a practical solution that may help enterprises address any performance uncertainties of an Internet-connected network path.