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Digital Transformation - Mobilizing the organization

The challenge. Motivating the senior management and driving the digital transformation is one thing but mobilizing the whole organization and on-boarding them in the journey is another and the tougher challenge. The enterprise needs to send clear signals and through as many channels as possible. The objective is to motivate the lower level employees to enroll themselves in this endeavor with zero or little force. Redefined policies and modified work practices must be clearly defined and enforced, and participation must be encouraged and rewarded. The goals and results of the transformation need to be transparently defined, and benefits clearly conveyed to the entire organization such that every team and every individual will contribute to the cause. 

The approach. The appointment of a CDO, a digital challenge thrown by the CEO that has a measurable result by a certain cutoff date, or the visible branding of the transformation in a large way across the organization such as declaring a digital year are some of the activities that will send clear signal to the entire organization that the business is serious about this transformation effort. The leaders must lead from the front engaging in digital transformational activities themselves and encouraging the team around them to adopt the new policies and newly set procedures. The transformation should be co-created with the teams shouldering the responsibilities together with the management.

New behaviors need to be standardized but enterprises must also allow the digital culture to evolve organically across the organization.  Digital champions who can liaison between the management and the end users must be identified in every department and team, trained and encouraged to help people around them to adopt the digital culture. Quick digital wins must be rightly identified, advertised and rewarded so that the whole organization is motivated and mobilized around the transformation efforts. Enterprises must make visible changes to work practices and institutionalize them. Adoption of solutions for transformation must be encouraged rather than just deployment.