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Don't live with a Cluttered Desktop

If you open the same folder again and again or if you open the same file very frequently, you can use various tricks to open them with just a click. So, don't save them on your Desktop anymore.

Here are the tips:

1. Right click the File Explorer icon pinned to the Task bar and you will see a pop-up with your frequently opened folders and files. You can also pin some of them for quicker access so that they are not lost when others are getting listed in due course.

2. If you are running Windows 10, the navigation pane also contains a Quick Access feature. Click this and you will see the frequently opened folders and recently opened files. Even here you can pin some of them for quicker access so that they don’t move away from the list in due course.

3. If you have pinned the Word, Excel or PowerPoint applications to the task bar then, there are jump-lists created for the respective applications that will help you to open the files. (Folders are not listed). Right click the respective icons on the task bar and you will see the recent files listed. Push-pinning some of the files listed will help here too.

4. If you are spending your whole day in Outlook, you can create Shortcuts to your folders and files in Outlook in the Shortcuts folder (7th from the Mails icon) also use Outlook to open it for you.

Create a new Shortcut group in the Shortcuts folder on Outlook. Open the File Explorer and drag the folder / file under the new Shortcut group.