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Email Attachments At One Click

‚ÄčAre you working on a file that has to go as an attachment to an email? You can do this in just one click from any Office 2007 or 2010 application - Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Look at the Quick Access toolbar at the top of the application window. You can customize this toolbar to show various commands or features that you frequently use which require three of four clicks one after the other to accomplish a task. One such feature is E-mail. Check the box against E-mail and this will become one of the Quick Access commands on the toolbar.

The next time you want to send a file you are currently working, as an attachment, just click this E-mail icon on the Quick Access toolbar. Bingo! A new mail window opens and your file becomes an attachment to the mail.

No need for clicking on the Attachments option in the new mail window

No need to search for the folder in which the file is located

No need to search for the file in the folder

Make sure to save the file with an appropriate name before you click on the E-mail icon - your file can also become an attachment with wierd names like Document1.Docx or Book1.xlsx or Presentation1.pptx.

This is a real timesaver for a lot of users.

Note: You must have an Outlook email profile available in the login that you are working for this to happen.