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Filter mails addressed to you only using a Search folder in Outlook 2010

Have you ever wanted to filter all emails that were addressed to you only so that you can pay your first attention to these mails? You can create a Search folder for this. A search folder is a virtual folder. Outlook will not transfer or duplicate a mail from its original location, whether in the Inbox or in named folders, into the search folder.

 Here is how it is done:


Under the Folder tab in Outlook, click on New Search Folder.


 Search folders pic1.jpg


Select “Create a custom Search Folder” and name it as “Only to me” (or any other comfortable name).
Check the box: Where I am the only person on the To line.


Search Folders pic2.jpg
That is all. All mails addressed only to me will be visible in this folder. If you go to “more choices”, you can also choose “unread mail” option.