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Find What You Want Quickly using AQS in Outlook Web Apps

Searching for content in your mails is sometimes a challenging task - more so when you use only Outlook Web Apps to access your mails. But, you can use Advanced Query Search, or AQS, to refine your searches in Outlook Web Apps. To use AQS, type a keyword followed by a colon, and then what to search for in the search box. For example, to find any message with a subject that contains "tomorrow", enter subject: tomorrow in the search box. 

AQS keywordDescription
FromSearches the From field.
ToSearches the To field.
CcSearches the Cc field.
BccSearches the Bcc field.
ParticipantsSearches the To, Cc, and Bcc fields.
SubjectSearches the subject.
Body or ContentSearches the message body.
SentSearches the date sent. You can search for a specific date or a range of dates separated by two dots (..). You can also search for relative dates: Today, tomorrow, yesterday, this week, next month, last week, past month. You can search for the day of the week or month of the year.
ReceivedSearches for the date received. You can use the same search terms as for Sent.
CategorySearches the Category field.
AttachmentSearches for the specified attachment by title. For example, attachment:letter.doc will find any message with an attachment named letter.doc.

Use has:flag to find items that are flagged.

Use has:attachment to find items that have one or more attachments.


When you use AQS, you can search on multiple search terms. When you enter multiple search terms, you can search on any, all, or an exact phrase. 

  • Subject: product plan will find any message with "product" or "plan" in the subject.
  • Subject: (product plan) will find any message with both "product" and "plan" in the subject.
  • Subject: "product plan" will find any message with the phrase "product plan" in the subject.