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Fit Content in One Page

Often users a faced with a very knotty problem – unable to fit the last two or three into a page that overflows to the next page in a Word document. [There is also the other side, content not enough to fit a page but would look better if the page is filled]. Here are a couple of tips to overcome the overflow or the shortage. These are not put in a certain order. Use one or more of these tips whatever befits the requirement.

  • If the font size does really matter try changing it. Use Ctrl + < to decrease the size and Ctrl + > to increase the size 1 pt at a time. You might also want to try the .5 pt size – the middle ground between two full point sizes at the Font cluster under the Home tab of the Ribbon.
  • If the width of the margins can be compromised, then try the Narrow Margins or the Wide Margins option at the Margins command of the Page Layout tab.
  • You can also try modifying the spacing between lines depending upon the situation. Try the Line Spacing option in the Paragraphs cluster of the Home tab.
  • You might also try to Remove Space After Paragraph or Add Space Before Paragraph if you have formatted the page with paragraph headings.
  • If your file content is only one page, then, you might also try the Paragraph Spacing option in the Document Formatting cluster under Design tab of the Ribbon.