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Focus On Mails From People Who Matter To You The Most

Have you ever missed a mail from your Manager and later found that it was because it got hidden among the scores of other mail that you received? Back from a holiday and you want to focus on mails from people that matter most to you? There is a wonderful feature in Outlook Web Apps that helps you here. It is called the People View and is presented to you right below the Favourites in the navigation pane of the OWA. It helps you get to those important mails from your most important (most frequently connected) people without the need for dig through your Inbox to find them.

People View1.png 

It also shows the number of unread messages from each person in your list and this info appears next to their photo. When you click a person's photo, the email messages from that person in your Inbox are shown in chronological order i.e., the order received. Simply right click on a person to mark all the message from that person as read if a person's messages are not relevant. 

People View2.png 

The list of people in the People View are built automatically without the need for the user to configure or add them to the list or create any rule. The system keeps track of the mails you send and receive and depending on the frequency in which such communication happens, the system builds this list and puts them in order – the most frequent on top and the rest in that order of relevance. People get added to that list as soon as you receive a message from them. When one of them is removed from your contacts list, their names are automatically removed from the People View list also.