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How many number of days have you walked on earth?

​Do you know how many days it has been since you started walking on this earth? (Make sure you subtract the days when you were, as a baby, being held by somebody or you were just crawling, from the result, if you want a more accurate answer)

Excel contains a function datedif() that will give you exactly this number. Here is how it is used...

Enter your birth date in cell A1

Choose another cell and enter the formula =DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"d").

You will see the number of days displayed in the cell.

You can also use "m" in the place of "d" for the number of months and "y" in the place of "d" for the number of years.

You can also find out the number of days you have put in your current company (or past), the number of days you were working on a certain project (Week ends, Sundays and holidays are included here) and the number of days you have known a certain person, or just the number of days between any two dates.

How many days has the Earth borne your weight so far?