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Import web data for Analysis in Excel

In Excel 2016, Microsoft has added an easier way to make “import data from the web” happen simple and fast.

If you need to grab a specific piece of data such as tablet with content, you need to follow these steps:

1- While in the web browser, visit the webpage that has the data you want, right-click and copy the link to the clipboard.

2- Open Excel and go to Data tab.

3- Click on New Query, select From other Source, and click on From Web.


4- On the next window, paste the source link and click OK, and select how you want to access the data, and click connect.


5- Excel 2016 will open the "Navigator", and it will load the data available from that web page, click on the table you would like to import, and click Edit.


6- Now, Excel will fetch the data. Because this is an automated process, and data from the web isn't very reliable, you can easily clean up the table before inserting the data into your new document.

You can right-click on one of the columns to remove, or you can click the top-left corner of the table to convert the first row as headers, and much more. When you're satisfied with the data, click the Close & Load button.


Now that the table is in Excel 2016, you can manipulate the data any way you want by using graphs, formulas, and more.

Tip: Furthermore, now that you have imported data from the web, Excel will save the source link into the file. This ability means that you can right-click the table and clicking Refresh. If the data has changed on the web, you will see the new data also updating in your table. This feature is particularly useful if you make any changes, and you want to roll back to the original data.