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Microsoft’s answer to WhatsApp - Outlook 2016 Groups

As part of Office 365, last year, Microsoft introduced Office 365 Groups, which enables users to create different types of groups to allow people to communicate easily while collaborating on new projects. Now, as part of Office 2016, the company is integrating Groups into Outlook 2016 to make it easier to group people and contact each other on an IM like environment. This ability differs from the typical back and forth emails and hunting messages on an already clutter inbox.

There is also a Windows Phone app for Outlook Groups too.

In Groups, people can chat, share OneDrive files, calendars, and OneNote notebooks -- all you need to get your project done.

Groups on Outlook 2016 is only available for Office 365 subscribers, and you can get started by following these steps:

1- While in Outlook 2016 using an Office 365 subscription, click the New Items button in the "Home" tab, and click on Groups.


2- In the "Create Group" page, by choosing a name and group ID, and setting the groups as private or public, and then click OK.


3- Find and app new members to the group and add a description as necessary and click OK to finish creating the group.


It's that easy.

The newly created group have access to a shared inbox and shared calendars to view and create meetings, files hosted on OneDrive, and to the OneNote notebook for the group, right from the ribbon's menu.

If you need to send a group message, simply click the New Conversation button from the "Home" tab. Then compose the message and attach a new file as necessary, and click Send -- just like any other email you send every day.

The group members can post messages, and there is a choice to like updates for those messages that don't need replies.