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More Realestate on the MS Office Screen!

​Have you ever thought "if only I could have more space on the screen to work in MS office apps - Word / Excel / PowerPoint!" Do you consider the Ribbon Interface an encroachment, occupying more space on your screen, sapping your productivity?

Do not worry!

Just double click on one of the tabs of the Ribbon. The Ribbon disappears leaving behind only the tab names and you can see more working space for your document or worksheet or your slide. (Office 2010 also helps you do this by clicking on the carat icon close by the Help (question mark) icon).

You can continue to work in your current file until you are in need of a command on the ribbon for a mouse click . All you need to do now is to click on of the tab names and the ribbon displays the respective commands for you temporarily.

If you want the ribbon commands to be displayed permanently as in the beginning, then a double click on one of the tab names will do this. (Office 2010 user - click on the inverted carat icon again

I came across a 2007 user who had hidden the ribbon permanently with a double click on one of the tabs unknowingly and had kept wondering what to do to acces the ribbon commands or display the ribbon permanently again. As a result, she just avoided using the Office 2007 applications as much as she could. When I told her of the double click trick, she was quiet relieved.