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Office Web Apps is Office Online - Now With New Features Added

New features allow user to move as seamlessly as possible between Office Online and the desktop.

Excel Online

In Excel Online, users can now insert new comments as well as edit and delete existing comments.

Power users will appreciate that Excel Online now has improved support for files that contain VBA. One can now open and edit VBA-enabled spreadsheets without removing (or corrupting) the VBA contained in the file.

The "Tell Me" feature allows the user to ask Excel how to do something, and presents the relevant commands in a simple drop-down list so one can perform their action right away.

Word Online

Reviewing and providing feedback on documents is a key requirement for users of Office Online. The ability to add and view comments in the View mode was already available. And this is being extended to editing mode, so one can make comments and changes at the same time as others.

Those using Word Online for the creation of research papers and reports can now simply add footnotes and endnotes inline with the text.

Word Online is now smarter when it comes to list making, too. For example, when one is making a list, if they are directly below an existing numbered list and if they start typing, their next line automatically becomes part of the list—just like in desktop Word.

PowerPoint Online

A re-engineered text editor shows a high fidelity view of slides at the time of creation so that the layout of the slides looks more like the final result.

Some performance and video playback optimizations have been made by speeding up advancement of slides in the editor and by adding the ability to play back embedded YouTube videos.

OneNote Online

A One click printing has been added for easy printing of pages.

Multi-column section or page navigation has been added, so that users can maximize reading and editing space regardless of what device or browser they using.