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OneDrive - the one place to store and share all of your favourite things

SkyDrive is OneDrive today. Microsoft projects it as the one place to store and share photos, videos, documents and other files-anywhere, on any device and this service is available for free. Over the next few months, users may continue to see both SkyDrive and OneDrive throughout their experience, but they don't have to worry! They will still be able to access all of their files during the transition. OneDrive is everything people love about SkyDrive and more.

One place for all your photos and videos

Users can automatically capture and store their favourite photos and videos from their phone so they can get them from all their devices and easily share the ones they want.

One place for all your documents, personal mails, contacts and appointments

OneDrive.png Users can create and edit important Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents, store them all in one place, and access them on any device. Office Web Apps provides the power to the users to create and share files this way. Default file formats can also be set to enable easy creation of documents on one click.

One place for all devices

Users can access their OneDrive files from just about any device including PCs, tablets, Macs, Windows Phones, iPhones, Android devices, and more.

Folders can be created and files can be organised in them. Every individual folder can be made shareable or locked for private use. Files can be shared with people by allowing them to access them securely using a password. Notification about the availability of a file or folder for download or view can also be sent directly from OneDrive that generates a mail with the content and a customizable message.

And More...

You can create appointments in your personal calendar, add contact information and access your Outlook.com mails from the OneDrive.

Users can sync Windows phone's contacts with the People feature of OneDrive and also add people to the contact list from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Gmail. A complete set of contacts from a file that contains this list can also be imported. (Users have to export the list from the existing mail program and then import it here). Users can also export these contacts from OneDrive to another mail program if required.

Tasks and appointments can be managed and organized in the OneDrive Calendar and this further can be shared with the concerned people.

You need a Microsoft account to use this powerful feature and a Microsoft live account can be created easily in seconds to start using OneDrive.

7 GB of storage is available for every user. Microsoft also offers additional storage apart from this 7 GB - 20 GB Enthusiast bonus valid through almost the end of the year, Referrals bonus for referring users through various social networking sites and a Camera Roll bonus of 3GB for those who want to sync one or more of their windows mobile camera folders with the cloud storage.

Tagging of people to your account as well as to the photos in shared albums is possible in OneDrive. The devices that will back their content to this cloud storage can also be added and their settings customized in OneDrive.

Even an Excel based survey can be conduct using the Survey feature offered by OneDrive which can be sent to people to arrive at a consensus or to do research on a particular topic of mutual interest.

OneDrive apps are available from the Apps store for the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 OS users as well as those using a Windows mobile.

A recycle bin is also available – just in case…