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Online Templates – A Treasury Of Readymade Workbooks

​Seasoned users of Excel (or any other Office Application) have always created their workbooks from scratch. The data as well as the formulae and functions that manipulate and present results in various worksheets of a workbook are entered by the users themselves. Today MS Office has evolved significantly. Online resources are overwhelming and help you save time and efforts of yours as well as others.

Office templates are mentionable resources that can not only create workbooks and documents quickly but can also prove to be very powerful learning resources as well. For instance, if an event has been planned in your enterprise. Assume that you have been given the responsibility of planning, executing and tracking the event activities and reporting the final outcome of the event. If you are an Excel user, help is just a click away.

As soon as you open Excel, you are presented with an option to open one of the many readily available templates that can be downloaded in just a few seconds and can be used immediately with no or little customization. (Or click New from the File tab). Click on the "Search for online templates" text box. Enter "Event". Excel searches for this and presents you with hundreds (at the time of my search, it was 467) of readymade workbook templates. I chose one of those and here is what I got: 3 worksheets – Expenses, Income and a Profit & Loss summary – with all formatted tables, formulae, graphs and summary report.

Event Budget - Workbook Template.png 

You can customize the format of the cells to show your local currency. You can rename the heads as per your requirement. And if you can spend some additional time to understand how the formulae work, then you can also add columns or rows as the situation would require it.

There are thousands of such workbook templates readily available for download and use by Excel users today. So, when you are required to create a workbook from scratch, wait a moment and see if you can benefit from this very valuable treasure trove.