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Record Audio and Video in OneNote

​Note: Before making an audio or video recording, be certain to let those present know that they will be recorded. Also note that your computer must have an installed microphone to record audio (or the audio track in a video recording) and an installed video camera to record video.


How to record audio or video:
  1. Click the location on the page where you want to place the audio or video recording object—for example, beside a paragraph or photo that you are commenting on.
  2. On the Insert tab, in the Recording group, click Record Audio or Record Video.
    The Audio & Video Playback tab opens, and your recording begins automatically. Notice that an audio or video object appears, with a time stamp, at the insertion point.
  3. When you are finished recording, on the Audio & Video Playback tab, click Stop.
    Screen snip of the Audio & Video Playback tab in OneNote
How to play back your recording in context:
  1. Rest your mouse pointer on any note that you took during the recording.
    A playback icon Image of the Playback Icon appears to the left of the paragraph.
  2. Click the icon to play back what was being recorded at the time you took the selected note.