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Remove Redundant Data In One Or More Columns

‚ÄčAll of us have faced a situation where there were multiple identical entries in a column of a worksheet and we wanted to hold only one of them in the table's column.

There is an easy way to do this in Excel 2010.

Format the range of cells that you are dealing with as a table. (The range might contain more than one column of information). (You can also do this without formatting the range as a table). Then, when inside the table, click on the Table Tools Design tab and click "Remove duplicates". Check the column from the list provided which contains duplicates. (If you want to check for duplicate entries with respect to two or more columns - i.e., check for duplicates in the first AND the second AND so on at a time - then check the relevant column names). Click OK.

Now we will see Excel displaying how many duplicated rows were removed.

If you are not happy, there is always the Ctrl+Z to undo the duplicate removal.