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Sharing a file in Office 2016 has become easier

It is easy to collaborate better using the new version of Office – Office 2016. Microsoft is focusing on collaboration, which means that more than ever, the desktop version of Office depends on the cloud.

Before you can collaborate in real-time with other people you need to save and share your document using OneDrive and Office 2016 makes it easy -- just follow the steps below:

1- Open to edit or create a document in Word, Excel, or using any of the other apps.

2- On the top-right corner of the app, click the new Share button. (Assuming, you're sign-in with your Microsoft account you'll see the following pane.)

3- Click Save to cloud, you'll then be redirected to the "Save As" section, pick you OneDrive account and the location to store the file.


4- In the Share pane, you can invite people by simply typing their email address or accessing your contact list. You can also change the share permissions to edit or view only.

5- Then add a message describing the document or any note you want to communicate to those who can access the file, and click Share.


If you don't want to use this sharing mechanism, you can click the Get a sharing link at the bottom of the Share pane to get the edit or a view link of the file. With this link, you can copy and send it via email, IM, or by other means.