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Skype for Business integrates with other Office 365 Apps

Skype for Business is tightly integrated with the other O365 features – Outlook, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. So, when a user signs into Skype for Business, it reflects in all these applications for the user as well as for everybody else in the Enterprise who have already signed into Skype for Business. This seamless integration helps one to connect with others from any of the O365 application.

Here are a few scenarios

  • My colleague has sent me a reply to my mail. He has sent me some inputs I had requested on a certain project that we had been working together. I need some clarifications on his inputs. I intend to send him another mail asking for clarification now. His inputs will be useful to me only after he sends me these clarifications. I am in a hurry but I don’t know for sure if he would understand my urgency and reply to mail immediately! I am opening a reply mail window. Luckily, I see this colleague is available on line - his presence indicator is in green. Can I connect with him right away? I click on the email address and start Skype for Business session with him. Thankfully, the Skype for Business window that opened also bears the subject line of the mail on top, indicating that the session is about this topic. And his inputs will be recorded for me automatically in the Conversation History folder in my Outlook for subsequent reference. In a few minutes he can clarify to me everything I need. I can get going with my report right away. Truly, Skype for Business saves me a lot of waiting time.
  • I have posted a file in our team site’s Document library in SharePoint. I am in the library now. I see that one of my team members is on line with whom I need to connect regarding some points in the file. I see that she is online and available as I click on the Shared with option in the ellipsis (…). I start an IM session with her from this SharePoint library.
  • I shared a document with my Manager from my OneDrive for Business. I need to give some additional inputs to him regarding the content of the document. When I click on the Shared with option, I see that his name shows up with the indication that he is online and available. I don’t have to send a mail. I can connect with him now and give him my inputs. I am improving on my productivity and helping my Manager too.