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Ten Quick Tips in Word 2010 to boost your productivity

Open Word really fast

  • Press the Windows Key+R, type winword, and then press Enter.

Use a template from Office.com

  • On the File tab, click New, and then under Office.com Templates, choose a template.

Convert text into a table

  • Select several lines of text. On the Insert tab, click Table, and then click Convert Text to Table.

Make a bulleted list more interesting

  • Select your bulleted list.
  • Press CTRL+X.
  • On the Insert tab, click SmartArt.
  • Choose a layout, and then click OK.
  • After the SmartArt is inserted, select all of the bullets in the text pane on the left.
  • Press CTRL+V.

Crop a picture to a shape

  1. Select the picture or pictures that you want to crop to a specific shape.
  2. Under Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the Size group, click the arrow under Crop.
  3. Click Crop to Shape and then click the shape you want to crop to.

Put documents on SkyDrive

  1. Go to http://office.live.com and obtain a Windows Live ID, if you don’t have one already.
  2. After you have a Windows Live ID, go to http://office.live.com.
  3. Click Add files and then upload documents from your computer.

Find and replace text

  1. On the Home tab, Replace.
  2. Type what you want to find in the Find what box
  3. Type what you want to replace it with in the Replace with box
  4. Click Replace All.

Tips for selecting things

  • To select a word, double click.
  • To select a paragraph, triple click.
  • Place your cursor in the left margin. Click once for a line, double click to select all lines in a paragraph.

Show or hide the ribbon

  • CTRL+F1

Use the Quick Access Toolbar

  • Right-click a button, and then click Add to Quick Access Toolbar.