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The Hawk's Eye View of your Document

​You have a document ready. It contains the Title page, Table of contents, Introduction, other Sections, chapters with various level headings, tables, graphical shapes, graphs, pictures photographs, text boxes, screen shots, hyperlinks, cross references, headers, footers, page numbers, cross references, index entries, appendices and a hundred other components. You have arranged them in their respective places but you are not sure how the overall presentation (not the PowerPoint slides show (: )) of your document looks like. Is there a way to have a hawk's eye view of your document? Yes. Thanks to MS Word, we have a feature to show an entire document with its complete original layout in a convenient display.hawks eye view.png

We go to the View tab of the Ribbon and click on Multiple Pages. Then as you keep zooming out of the document, all your pages in the document are presented on the same screen to give you a hawk's eye view of your document. (Use the wheel of the mouse and the ctrl Key simultaneously to zoom in or zoom out. You can also use the slider at the bottom right of the Word window to choose a zoom level. 10% zoom level will show you the document at its top most level). You will now be able to make necessary changes to the layout of the components so that it is aesthetically pleasing to the reader. You can also standardize your document with the right fonts and right font sizes (if they are mixed up somehow) and give it a uniform look. You can also apply a certain theme to your document and see how it looks overall. Go to the Design tab and choose one of the Themes to apply to your entire document to make it look more professional.