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The Sticky Format Painter!

This is something very familiar to all users of MS Office applications - Word, Excel and PowerPoint. We apply various formats to a selection in a file (Font, size, colour, bold, italics, underline, Style, alignment, various number formats and so on). Then, if one wants to apply a similar format to another selection, we make use of the "Format Painter" (the Paintbrush icon) feature. We select the originally formatted part, click on the Format Painter feature and then paint this format on the new selection (word, heading or paragraph in Word or cells in Excel). Immediately, the new selection assumes the desired format.

Here is something that is not very familiar to a majority of the users! If we want to apply the formatting to more than one place, then, should we repeat the same routine mentioned earlier again and again? No. We can do this with just a small trick. Instead of clicking the "Format Painter" once, double click on the paintbrush icon. then, you can apply this formatting any number of times to different places in the file. After we are done with this formatting, we need to press the Esc key to relieve the mouse pointer of the stickiness of the paintbrush icon. Certainly a Sticky feature indeed!