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The Wikipedia in Word

​Creating a research paper or citing the text in a document to its original source has become easy. Now you can search the Wikipedia from your favourite MS Word application. There is a Wikipedia app that can help you search for info from the Online encyclopedia when you are working on a Word document.

Just open the app and it displays in a pane to right of the document for easy view and reading. Now click a word or sentence in your document. The app immediately searches the Wikipedia for this search term. It has sections, images infobox and references tabs for easy navigation. Additional quick links that are related to the search term are also presented at the bottom of the main content.

When you mark a portion of the text or point to a picture in the pane, it presents a + sign that helps quick insertions of the content with a citation as to where this info is picked from. A complete summary of the search item from the Wikipedia's page content is displayed in the infobox. The references tab gives a lot of links to various pages in the net that relates to the search term.