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Use A Term In MS Office Documents With Confidence

You are in the middle of a Word document โ€“ say a report. You are trying to use a word that you though will be the best fit in that contest. But you are not sure. Does this word really mean what I think is its meaning? Is the tone expressed by the word right? Word is here to help.

Right click the word and immediately you are presented with one or more synonyms that will help you decide whether to use the word in question or to choose a weighty or lighter word in its place. It also helps you with one or more antonyms (if available in its installed default dictionary) so that you are doubly sure you are not using a word that conveys a completely opposite meaning than the intended one.

What happens if there are no synonyms to a given word in your default dictionary? (I was searching for the word 'Trove'). The Thesaurus comes to your rescue now. Word will look for an installed dictionary or help you download a dictionary (if not done earlier) to display the meaning. Many such dictionaries are available even free of cost in the Office Store today. (The audible pronunciation in US English and UK English is a bonus).