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Virtualization Implications

Implications from Server Virtualization
1.     Due to its evident benefits "CIassicaI” server virtualization remains a key technology in the next years
2.     But server virtualization also takes the next step towards to a technology allowing IT units to act as a real IT service provider — this will be accelerated by an increased customer demand
3.     IT units have pro-actively to decide if they will provide these services by themselves, if they will use an appliance based approach and where these services will be located
4.     They also have to decide if they buy-in some of the services from external service providers


5.     “Wait and see” isn’t a real option since server virtualization and cloud computing are strong instruments for external providers in order to further improve their competitiveness


6.     It is expected that the majority of services provided by an virtualized environment for end users have to be accessible by using a web frontend —this will finally allow more flexibility regarding the end user devices to be used
Implications from Client Virtualization
1.     Client virtualization — mainly on servers — achieves a breakthrough within the upcoming years since required software is proven and attractiveness is high
2.     Usage will be tremendously accelerated by an increased use of tablets and smart phones in the corporations
3.     The IT departments must be able to provide a controlled and cost efficient virtualized environment, fulfilling company security standards, on almost any end user device
4.     This speeds up the transition from the traditional “enterprise owned and managed” clients, where installation images need to be maintained and applications need to be provided, to small footprint web-based end user devices ...
5.     .. .which can be provided based on the BYOD approach if CapEx I cost reduction and a high degree of user flexibility are in the focus


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