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Where Will You Conduct the Meeting?

You are convening a meeting (or you have been asked by your boss to convene one). You have been given a list of attendees. You have the agenda ready. You also know the availability of the invitees to the meeting on a given date at a given time – You can take the help of the Scheduler in Outlook to find this – provided the invitees are disciplined users of their Outlook calendars. You are about to send this meeting invitation to the invitees. Suddenly you are struck. Where do these people meet? Thankfully you have the Room finder. Here is what you have in Outlook:

Room finder1.png 


If your Exchange administrator has already defined Conference Rooms in your enterprise (a mail box is assigned for it), it will be listed alongside your Notes area of the appointment window. All rooms (4) in a given building/location (3) are listed with additional details right below about the prior bookings on that day (1) and availability (5). You can also select a different location from the dropdown (3)for more options. Depending on the details provided about the Room by the administrator and on the number of people invited to the meeting you will also be given suggestions on whether the selected room is good, fair or poor (2).

Once the room is selected and the meeting request sent, the room is booked for the meeting (if this is configured in Exchange). The next time somebody else tries to book the room for the same date and same time as the first one, it will be shown as booked.

Even equipment (portable projectors?) and vehicles (pickup and drop vans?) for meetings can be managed very effectively using this feature provided by Exchange and Outlook.