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Windows 8.1 – All You Wanted To Know (3) – Use your Keyboard

​Windows 8.1 in your system but no touchscreen? Don't despair. Here is a lot you can do with your keyboard…You can use the keyboard to get to places fast when you use the following keyboard shortcuts

Win + DToggle to Display and Hide the desktop
Win + XAccess the Quick link menu
Win + EAccess the File Explorer (earlier known as Windows explorer)
Ctrl + Shift + EscAccess the Task manager
Win + X + Down arrowOpen Mobility center
Win + Start typingSearch for a file, device or app
Win + Down arrowClose a Modern App
Win + TabSwitch between recently used app and the desktop
Alt + TabSwitch between all apps – including desktop apps
Win + Shift + TabCycle through recently used apps (except desktop apps) in reverse order
Win + PChoose a presentation display mode
Win + SpacebarSwitch input language and Keyboard layout
Ctrl + T (In IE 11)Open a new Tab in IE 11
Ctrl + tab (In IE 11)Switch between tabs in IE 11
Ctrl + Scroll wheelZoom in or out to better view things like the apps pinned to the Start screen