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Windows 8.1 – All You Wanted To Know (4) - Miracast

Miracast is a peer-to-peer wireless screencasting standard formed via Wi-Fi direct connections in a manner similar to Bluetooth. It enables wireless delivery of audio and video to or from desktops, tablets, mobile phones, and other devices. It allows users to, for example, echo display from a phone or tablet onto a TV, share a laptop screen with the conference room projector in real-time, and watch live programs from a home cable box on a tablet. Both the sending and receiving devices must support Miracast for the technology to work. However, to stream music and movies to a device, such as a TV, that does not support Miracast, adapters are available that plug into HDMI or USB ports.

The protocol uses a direct Wi-Fi connection between the two devices without involvement of a wireless router and cannot be used to stream to a router access point. It was created by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

With this new wireless display technology, you can project from your Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 RT device to a Miracast-enabled TV, projector, or streaming media player, in just a few clicks. You can use this to share what you're doing on your device, present a slide show in a meeting, or even stream your favourite movie on a larger screen at home. The new Windows and Miracast help you work the way you want to.

To add a wireless display to your PC:

Open the Devices charm. Tap or click Project and then Add a Wireless Display. Choose the wireless display in the list of devices found, and follow the instructions on the screen.

To project your screen to a wireless display:

Open the Devices charm. Tap or click Project and then select the wireless display you want.

Miracast works with supported Windows 8.1 devices and Miracast-enabled displays. If a TV or projector doesn't currently have Miracast support, you can easily use a Miracast receiver, like the ActionTec ScreenBeam Pro or Netgear Push2TV (PTV3000) to enable your display to use this technology.