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Windows Azure for Old Hardware

Microsoft India has come up with a novel way to help Small and Medium enterprises in India leverage its Windows Azure online services by offering a trade in program – Azure credits for old server hardware.

Windows Azure is a purpose-built cloud-based platform. Designed to surpass typical cloud advantage, Azure is what customers need to succeed in a fast growing and deeply connected IT environment. Its unique integrated infrastructure makes building and deploying applications easy, reducing time to market. Businesses can accelerate with the help of this trusted Microsoft ecosystem, minimizing costs at every step. It also enables transforming a data center, experiencing on-demand scalability and leveraging the power of the hybrid cloud.

Azure is growing fast, at a rate of over 200% globally but in India, cloud computing is yet to gain momentum. Still, according to Microsoft, Azure is gaining in popularity with about 2000 Indian customers added each month. With 5crore+ SMEs in India, the current offer should incentivize a large majority of these enterprises to make the switch to cloud.

The main reservation for today's business not adopting the cloud platform is the existing set up at the datacentres. All these years they have invested hugely in acquiring hardware to build an infrastructure as large as is demanded by their business and in many instances, several times more than the demand. Now, all of a sudden there is a splurge in the online services that offer much more than what the on premise setup offers and that on a sustainable financial model. It is certainly an attractive proposition. But now, the question is what do we do with all that we already have – and more importantly - all the money that has been spent on the hardware – the costliest component of the on premise model.

This is where Microsoft jumps in to rescue the IT decision makers from an embarrassing situation. They will appoint a local agency called the Recycle partner to evaluate the customers' hardware and depending on the value of the hardware that is proposed to be traded in, the customers can get financial credit towards Azure services.

Finally, here are some numbers…Any SME that has a minimum of 250 desktops or users can avail this offer. A minimum sign in commitment of $3000 per month from the customer is required as eligibility for the trade in program. The credits will be adjusted against billable Azure subscriptions from two to four months. Customers can save from at least $1000 through this trade in program. Azure Services worth $4000 can be availed for $3000 - $1000 adjustable over a period of 2 months@ $500 per month. Services worth $37000 can be availed for $25000 - $12000 adjustable over a period of 4 months @ $4000 per month.

In order to get started an enterprise owner would have to call Microsoft's number 1800 3070 4660 or log in to http://www.microsoft.com/india/movetoazure .