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Microsoft & Quadra Press Conference

According to IDC, one-third of current top 20 leaders in the market in any global industry are going to be disrupted by new rivals who can leverage mobility, cloud, analytics & big data.

In order to succeed and thrive in today’s hyper competitive world, small and medium businesses need to think beyond the traditional boundaries of their business. They need to have access to global markets, suppliers, vendors and talent. Elasticity and scalability are the need of the hour – but these must come at an affordable cost. Employees need to be connected, collaborate and innovate better, and in real time. 

Cloud computing technology is the great leveller for businesses today. It enables them to access enterprise class technologies in an affordable, pay-per use model and puts them on par with larger competitors. A study by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) threw up some very interesting insights on the advantages that technology savvy businesses enjoy over their counterparts:

  • They grow revenue 15% faster
  • Workforce grew 2X faster
  • They are 6 times more likely to have international customers
  • Nearly 20% of tech-savvy businesses have employees in other countries

During a press meet at Coimbatore, Quadra and Microsoft executives along with two leading businesses in the region, who had benefitted from their adoption of cloud computing spoke about the need for businesses to be more technology savvy. This was well covered by the mainstream media, links to which are provided below: