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Arranging Content In A Page Is Easy – Use Tables

I have seen users struggling to hold various contents at particular places. If the page has to hold a certain tables, some text boxes and graphics with title, headings and subheadings, quotes, notes and various such items, it is a real challenge to put them in the right places.

This can be addressed in various ways. The easiest is to insert a table with certain number of rows and columns to begin with. Then we can put each of the contents mentioned above in various cells of the table. The next step is adjusting the heights of individual rows, width of individual columns, merging cells or splitting cells so that the contents fits well. Filling the cells with suitable colours will give the contents a distinct look. There is no set rule to do any of these but experimenting with these will make you a professional page designer over time.

The final step is to remove the borders (or at least the unnecessary ones) so that the contents in the page all look naturally arranged in their respective places (but we know they are held in place by the table).

I am presenting a simple example of this here for better understanding.

Yammer eDM.png 

Electronic direct mailers, brochures, quick reference cards, datasheets and one page letters can be designed quickly and with much less effort using this method.