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Cognitive Systems and the Classrooms of the Future

Technology that understand individual human behaviour and act accordingly are called cognitive systems. This is the next level of Artificial intelligence that is now getting incorporated into the machines that are being built today. Repeated actions, the frequency, the time of those actions and the related reactions of an individual are learnt by the computer systems that are equipped with various sensors (cameras, mikes, touch surfaces). Over a period of time the systems fine-tune themselves and start proactively functioning with the acquired intelligence. They provide assistance to the individual to do his activities better and much quicker. A new era of Cognitive systems will learn, reason and engage with individuals in a more natural and personalized way.

While software evolves to "think" in ways similar to the human brain, computing power and troves of data kept handy in the Internet "cloud" will enable machines to power innovations in classrooms. Over time these computers will get smarter and more customized through interactions with data, devices and people, helping technologists take on what may have been seen as unsolvable problems by using all the information that surrounds us and bringing the right insight or suggestion to our fingertips right when it's most needed.

All these while we have heard of students walking into classrooms to learn. But one of the predictions by the technology stalwart IBM for the next five years is classrooms getting to know students. Classrooms will be equipped with systems that track and analyse each student's progress to tailor curriculum and help teachers target learning techniques. Students with learning difficulties can look forward to these classrooms that will help them move ahead at their own pace but in ways that will keep them on track to better learning experiences. Brighter students can aim for much more challenging learning activities that will give them an edge over the others and stay ahead in the competitive space.