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Enhanced Personal Security through Digital Technology

One of the five predictions by the technology stalwart IBM for the next five years is smart machines tapping into the Internet cloud that will be able to serve as "digital guardians" protecting people from hackers by recognizing unusual online behaviour, such as shopping binges at dubious websites, and spying scam email messages or booby-trapped links. This is the result of the cognitive systems that have recently pervaded the technology scene promising to improve quality of life.

Digital technology is available today not only to protect and safeguard an individual's online avatar, but also assure an individual's physical safety while away from home.

Microsoft has introduced new Windows App named Guardian, a new safety application available exclusively for windows phone users in India. Guardian enables users to switch on a 'track me' feature in the app that lets friends and family track them in real time using Microsoft Windows Azure cloud services and Bing Map APIs. The app was developed with an aim to protect women and to make them feel safer in the cities. Guardian users can call for help through an 'SOS' alert button and also connect to security agencies, police and hospitals easily via this app in times of distress.

A second example is that of another independent Software solution start-up in Bangalore who has developed a cloud based integrated child and school bus tracking and monitoring solution that can track students and the vehicles they take that ensures a child's safety and security when he or she travels to and from school. The solution communicates with cloud servers every 10 seconds and automatically sends alerts and notifications to authorized users - usually parents - via SMS, email, web and mobile channels. At last, parents can breath free.