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Get your customers to work for you!

Get your customers to work for you!

Impact of social media on all aspects of our life has been discussed to death. The question is, have you integrated social media into your customer outreach channels? If you have, then congratulations, you have direct mindshare of your customer. Your interaction with your customer has moved beyond the structured parameters of business communication dictated by normal business hours, organizational roles and hierarchies and most importantly the interaction is customer driven. This is exactly why smart businesses are already engaging their customers using social media. Data generated by social media analytics is central to the way your products are developed, bug fixes are prioritized and the manner in which your firm reaches out to various demographic segments.

As in everything else, for leveraging social media optimally it is essential to know your customer. Demographic profile will dictate whether your customer is using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare or WhatsApp. Customer engagement can take various forms like obtaining feedback, disseminating information and promotion of events. The structure of the platform will of course impact the manner in which you engage with your target audience. While Facebook is ideal for creation of special interest groups to engage with each other thereby driving brand loyalty, Twitter is focused on reaching out to customers to resolve their issues, address their concerns and event promotions.

Social media has the ability to affect all aspects of your customer's lifecycle and tackling all aspects of Social CRM may prove a bit intimidating initially. You need to determine which phase(s) you want to tackle first and accordingly develop a plan which clearly defines objectives, responsibilities, milestones to be achieved and their timelines. Creating awareness within the organization is mandatory for optimal results.

Also you can use social media to increase intra organizational communication two-way dialogues, driving engagement throughout the whole organization by getting your employees on the same page and streamlining communication between them. We can break down communication barriers across cultures, geographies, and levels to accelerate innovation.

Social analytics can help you by enhancing your understanding your customers and employees much better than the competition. It facilitates direct interaction with the customer and enables collaborative decision making by sentiment analysis and study of customer behavior. Software offerings from premier companies enable you gain deeper understanding of customer needs to enable you to target new offers and products and enhance customer experience and ensure a consistent brand experience across all sales channels.

How Quadra can help?

If you are serious about connecting with your customer, you cannot ignore social media. However, like all CRM initiatives, engaging your customer base through social media needs is to be carefully planned and executed keeping in mind both the customer and the social media platform. This is where Quadra comes in. Our experience and expertise in working with portals and content management systems can help your organization leverage the extremely powerful capabilities of this medium in the most effective and risk free manner. We have expertise on major enterprise social collaboration tools, and help you to evaluate options, decide on a platform and technology, and devise the most effective way to harness this medium within and outside the organization. By increasing knowledge sharing and leveraging experts across an organization, regardless of location, we can help you to innovate rapidly, speed up decision making and achieve your business goals. When it comes to interfacing with the external world, our 360 degree services help you in technology evaluation, media monitoring, market research, competition analysis, while ensuring that it is in tune with your business objectives and corporate culture.