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Key Yammer Spaces

Key Yammer Spaces

Home Feed, Inbox, Groups, and Profiles are the key spaces / pages.

Home Feed

  • Top: Algorithmic feed that shows different things based on your activity. (Proprietary algorithm which Yammer doesn't share, but is based on user activity)
  • All: Every public message in your network. All company/network + all public groups
  • Following: All messages in groups you belong to (public and private) + conversations that include someone you are following (does not need to be started by them) (except private groups you don't belong to
  • The usage policy contains the guidelines outlined by your administrators or community manager in order to ensure proper use of Yammer. Be sure to read this over and follow it at all times.
  • Messages posted here (to my "colleagues") will go to All Company by default; best practice is to go to the group and then post

Home feed is primarily for discovering what's going on around your company


Your inbox is where the most relevant messages to you are, so this is for work mode.

The following messages will show up in your inbox:

  • Announcements (from all groups you belong to)
  • Conversations you were pulled into by an @mention or cc:
  • Conversations you join or Follow
  • Private Messages

You can do two things with conversations in your inbox;

1. Mark as unread and move the messages to the top of the Inbox

2. Stop Following messages in your Inbox. Messages reappear if you are @mentioned or if someone replies to you


See Conversations, Members, Files and Notes posted to the group.

Groups act as folders and organize everything in Yammer and workspaces for organizing around teams, projects, and any other topics of interest.

All Company/Network is the default group and acts as the catch all.

The groups you belong to can be found on the left and are automatically sorted based on your activity so that your most interesting groups are at the top. The order of the groups gets much better when you are active in Yammer.


Review Yammer Profiles to learn who your colleagues are and what they do

  • Review the About, Info and Org Chart sections
  • Encourage your colleagues to complete their Profiles! Department, Location and Expertise are searchable fields and should always be populated.
  • See Conversations, Files, Images, etc., posted by your colleague to groups that you can access (things from private groups you're not a member of won't show up here)


Yammer provides the user with Inbox notifications via the mail symbol, general notifications via the bell symbol, as well as network notifications and group notifications with numbers.