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Link your cell values for automatic update

While working in Excel, we come across a situation where we want to display the content of one or more cells at a different place - in the same worksheet, a different worksheet in the same work book or in a different workbook altogether. We usually copy-paste these values from the source to the target. But when the values in the source change, then, we are bound to update them manually. Now, we have this challenge taken care of by Excel in 2010.

If we want the value in the source to reflect in the target cells realtime, then, while pasting the selection, we need to choose "Link" option in "Paste Special". Thereafter, any changes in the source cells will immediately reflect in the target cells. If the link is pasted in another workbook, and if the target workbook is not open at the time of change, then, when the respective workbook with the link is opened the next time, Excel will update the results in the target cells when you "Enable Content" - the command appearing at the top of the workbook.

You can have as many links created this way between workbooks but be careful enough not to change the original location of the workbooks that are linked.

All linked workbooks need to be saved with a specific name to enable the links.

This is a real time saver!