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Hold a Townhall style meeting using Skype Meeting Broadcast

Skype Meeting Broadcast enables organizations to broadcast a Skype for Business meeting on the Internet to up to 10,000 people, who can attend from a browser on nearly any device. Meeting broadcast makes it easy to host large virtual meetings like internal “Town Hall” style meetings and public webinars. The service includes integration with Bing Pulse, for real-time polling and sentiment tracking, and Yammer, to enable attendee dialogue during the broadcast.

Skype Meeting Broadcast roles

  • Organizer. Creates the meeting request and invites attendees. Reviews meeting reports.

  • Producer. Manages the meeting sources (live presentations, dial-in presentations, audio, video, and PowerPoint decks), records the event, and posts the recording to Office 365 Video.

  • Event team member. Participates in the meeting by presenting live or dialing in from a remote location.

  • Attendee.  Watches the event online.

 Attendee options

  • Anonymous: anyone with the meeting link can join the meeting

  • Secure: only attendees listed below can join the meeting

  • All Company: anyone from my company can join the meeting


Schedule a meeting: Use the Skype Meeting Broadcast scheduling and management portal to schedule a meeting

  • Manage an Event: Upload PowerPoint decks, cue live feeds from Camera sources, activate feeds and, switch sources during event. Users can have one feed providing audio and another providing video.

  • Customize a meeting: Add a Yammer feed or Bing Pulse to meeting so the audience can participate during the event and the user can gauge their involvement and satisfaction

Large Meeting Capabilities

The Maximum audience Size is 10,000. The presenter can have the audio and video capabilities. The presenter can also present a PowerPoint show and also share the Desktop / app. Yammer, Pulse and Q & A can be used during the meeting to engage with listeners. The whole meeting can be recorded and stored on the cloud. Client side DVR controls like pause and rewind are allowed. The whole meeting can be branded. There is also a possibility of nominating somebody as a Meeting Producer.

Set up Skype Meeting Broadcast

Distribution of the media content of a broadcast meeting utilizes Microsoft Azure's Content Delivery Network (CDN) to achieve very high scale, supporting thousands of people watching a broadcast. The chunked media content passing through the CDN is encrypted, and the CDN cache has a limited lifetime. Skype Meeting Broadcast has been disabled by default for all locations worldwide.

Customers with EU Standard Contractual clauses must choose whether or not to opt into the service after reviewing the information in Microsoft’s communication to them.  In the regions not affected by the EU Standard Contractual Clauses, the IT Admin can manually activate the Skype Meeting Broadcast feature.

To setup …

  • Enable Skype Meeting Broadcast for your organization: The O365 / Skype for Business Admin has to enable Skype Meeting Broadcast for the organization.

  • Enable external access and setting up allowed domains: The Admin can use either Skype for Business admin center or the Office 365 admin center to enable external access and allow access.

The Skype Meeting Broadcast portal can be found at portal.broadcast.skype.com.